Chromis Fiberoptics CEO to speak at upcoming OFC Conference

Chromis Fiberoptics announced today that Frank Graziano, CEO, will be giving a talk entitled “Thinking Outside the Glass: New Market Opportunities for GigaPOF® GI-POF” at the POF Symposium during the Optical Networking and Communication Conference on Thursday, March 15th beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Organized by the Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization (POFTO), Graziano along with other industry leaders will discuss recent developments in graded-index polymer optical fiber (GI-POF) technology, applications, technical standards, industry progress and new markets.

According to Graziano, “Providing inspiration and insight into new technology advances and emerging market opportunities affecting the industry, OFC is a great forum for attendees from all corners of the globe to gather, learn, make connections and move business forward.” Highlighting new developments surrounding GI-POF, Graziano will discuss:

  • How technology trends in the professional audio-video industry – not the data center – created the first significant opportunity to commercialize high-bandwidth GI-POF
  • New technology developments that are expanding the commercial opportunities for GI-POF into broader markets
  • GI-POF’s emergence as a viable alternative to glass optical fiber in many applications
  • How recent strategic investment and acquisition activity is transforming the GI-POF ecosystem

Download presentation here.