ETechA Welcomes Chromis Fiberoptics to Alliance

 Chromis Fiberoptics, the industry’s leading provider of polymer fiber bulk cable and HDMI 2.0 active optical cables, announced today it has joined forces with The Emerging Technology Alliance (ETechA).

“At ETechA, we’re dedicated to advancing technology, ensuring cross compatible AV hardware and software and improving the efficiency and profitability of low voltage integrators and resellers. Teaming up with Chromis is a great opportunity for us to expand our value in the ProAV market,” said Cameron Smith, co-founder of ETechA.

An innovative alliance within the AV industry, ETechA offers members distinct benefits of collaboration and efficiency—such as holistic product development, system and project design; shared marketing collateral and trade show participation; increased product visibility and cross functional promotion with other manufacturers’ equipment and systems; and cross-member distribution opportunities.

A highly dynamic team of companies, ETechA is committed to growing the AV integration industry and increasing the success of integrators in every market segment. Bringing together best in product providers and thought leaders in the AV market, Frank Graziano, CEO of Chromis Fiberoptics, said,

“ETechA is a unique opportunity for us to reap the benefits of collaboration and education throughout the industry—we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”


About Chromis Fiberoptics

With a history of innovation spanning more than two decades, Chromis Fiberoptics is the leading provider of high-bandwidth, low-attenuation, tight-bending GigaPOF® graded-index polymer optical fiber, GigaPOF® bulk cable and GigaPOF® active optical cables. Originating at the legendary Bell Labs, our company’s founders developed a patented process for making multi-gigabit/s fiber out of plastic.

Today, we proudly engineer and manufacture our GigaPOF® fiber in New Jersey. Serving clients throughout the world—we supply our fiber and cables to the aerospace, industrial and medical industries. Highly sought after in the ProAV market—you’ll find our AOCs in leading commercial and residential products world-wide. Discover more about our company and products online at