The Coming Revolution in Commercial A/V…

Across the A/V landscape there is a revolution coming. For so long fiber has been stigmatized, degraded, and subbed out for less powerful and future proof solutions. But as fiber becomes more affordable and its benefits more widely known many more commercial buildings should be transitioning to fiber.

This is the premise of part 1 of 3 of our sponsored webinar series from CEPro and Commercial Integrator entitled A Case for Using Fiber Cables Over Category Cables in Commercial A/V Projects. We welcome Eric Bodley of Future Ready Solutions and Bob Hansen-Keys of Audio Visual Design Group to discuss the future of cables and ways to make sure commercial installations are future proofed.


Advantages of Fiber

Both Bodley and Hansen-Keys believe using fiber means less truck rolls and therefore cost savings, as well as, the ability for installation to be done in parallel to an operating system. Fiber also has the ability to run much longer lengths than copper and can be the best solution for addressing long distance issues. In commercial buildings there is often machines and other electronics going that can cause interference with copper cables, something fiber cables don’t have to worry about.


Fiber for the Future 

Beating the stigma around fiber is still far from over, hopefully now you’re equipped with facts from the experts to help you introduce fiber into your next integration. Fiber is undoubtedly the solution of the future and it should be included in every commercial A/V project. To watch the full webinar click here