Why is DPL Labs Certification a Game Changer?

Anyone who has worked in the A/V industry is all too familiar with the headaches brought on when products don’t play well together in an HDMI system. Although there are specifications, standards and tests, these traditionally haven’t been enough to ensure that all pieces in the HDMI puzzle fit nicely together. DPL Labs aims to change that with a rigorous testing and certification program. As they say, “Only the best can pass the test!”

Whether you’re a consumer, installer or manufacturer—here are three things you should know about DPL Labs Certification:

What is DPL Labs Certification?

DPL Labs is a third-party lab that conducts independent, rigorous testing of digital high-definition products. It uses a suite of tests custom-designed to fully expose the strengths and weaknesses of a product.

Thoroughly-tested products that meet the strict DPL Labs performance criteria are given the DPL Labs 4K Seal of Approval and published on the DPL Labs website so integrators, installers and end-users can easily find the best-performing and most reliable HDMI interconnect products.

How are Products Tested?

Using only state-of-the-art laboratory testing gear, DPL Labs puts products through a sophisticated evaluation that pushes them to the limits of their performance ability. If a product passes this rigorous test routine, that means it exceeds DPL Labs’ minimum certification standards by a wide margin—assuring you of reliable, consistent and long-term performance and interoperability.

From eye-pattern mask-margin and jitter to bandwidth, noise and square-wave rise-time—tests cover every relevant aspect of HDMI product performance. We’ll talk more about these in future posts.

Why Should Installers Look for DPL Certified Products?

Custom installers strive to ensure that customers are satisfied with their A/V purchases. It’s what keeps them in business. In order to ensure a successful project—DPL Labs shows you which products are the best choice for HDMI interoperability, performance and reliability. And although they don’t sell products—you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that products bearing the DPL Labs 4K Seal of Approval will outlast and outperform those that don’t.

At Chromis Fiberoptics we’re working hard to simplify the challenge of ultra high-definition video distribution. By ensuring our HDMI 2.0 active optical cables exceed the most stringent certification standards—we help custom installers sell solutions and not service calls and provide end users with peace of mind. Something that’s not easy to find.