GigaPOF® Combines High Performance with Ease-of-Use

image depicting optical sensing and data communications fibers

We invented the technology to extrude graded-index optical fibers out of high-transparency amorphous fluoropolymers. GigaPOF is an alternative to glass optical fiber for:

  • high-speed data links (up to 100 meters)
  • optical sensing applications

GigaPOF combines the performance benefits of glass optical fiber with the unique characteristics of a polymer material:

  • low attenuation
  • high bandwidth
  • tight-bending tolerance
  • immunity to micro-fracture fatigue
  • simple, economical termination
  • passive alignment to optical engines

If your data transmission or sensing application could benefit from the unique characteristics of a polymer optical fiber—GigaPOF—give us a call. Let’s discuss the possibilities.