Our Approach

Amorphous fluoropolymers have a remarkable combination of valuable properties.  So, why aren’t they used more widely?  Lack of customization.  Cost.

Those aren’t barriers anymore.

No longer do you have to settle for an expensive, off-the-shelf material that doesn’t exactly meet your needs.

We’ve invented cutting-edge cyclic fluoromonomer synthesis, polymerization, and post-polymerization processing methods, disrupting the status quo in the field of amorphous fluoropolymers.  Our proprietary methods allow us to do such things as:

  • vary the types and proportions of comonomers in our formulations
  • customize functional groups
  • control molecular weight and polydispersity
  • increase or decrease material viscosity and solubility
  • vary temperature performance

At the same time, we’ve eliminated the need for fluorosurfactants such as PFOA/PFOS/GenX.

We work with clients to combine our deep knowledge of specialized fluorochemistry techniques with your insights about the requirements that would make your application work better.  This gives us a pretty good idea of whether a new material is both technically feasible to synthesize and practical to use commercially.  This “rational design” approach to collaborative innovation delivers the best solution to you without compromise.

We’re using this approach to deliver solutions for a cleaner environment, to transmit data at the speed of light, and to enable new technologies and products across industries.