CyclAFlor™ Separator

CyclAFlor Separator is a key component of our clean technology solutions portfolio.  We engineered it specifically to use in membranes for difficult mixed gas separations.  Consider CyclAFlor Separator if you need to do things like:

  • remove acid gases from methane so it can be used as a fuel or chemical feedstock
  • purify hydrogen to raise the octane of automotive and aviation fuels

CyclAFlor Separator is ideal for these kinds of applications because it provides:

  • a superior combination of permeability and selectivity for various mixed gases
  • high thermal stability
  • remarkable resistance to aggressive chemical agents and plasticization
  • high solubility in perfluorinated solvents for easy application to membrane substrates
  • robust physical characteristics to enable extremely thin yet durable membrane coatings

If you have a challenging gas separation application that could be solved with an amorphous fluoropolymer, let’s talk.  Our standard formulations may work for you, or we can use our expertise and technology to engineer a specific solution.

At Chromis Technologies, we engineer fluoropolymers to do exactly what you want.