CyclAFlor® Services

R&D and Scalable Production Services

Let us be your partner on the path to success.

At Chromis, we are more than just a supplier – we are your dedicated research and production partner, committed to enhancing your journey at every stage of the new product development and commercialization cycle. Whether you’re a pioneering startup or a global enterprise, our mission is to empower your success with our exceptional standard products and cutting-edge proprietary materials.

Stage One: Sampling

Your journey with Chromis typically begins with a sample of our renowned CyclAFlor products. While our standard offerings are impressive, we understand that your goals demand excellence beyond the ordinary. We aim for the performance bullseye, and even if we come close, we’re not satisfied until we hit the target dead center.

Stage Two: Scouting and Optimization

In many cases, the quest for the best performance leads to a personalized journey – the CyclAFlor Bespoke Polymer Performance Optimization Program. This tailored initiative fine-tunes our standard formulations – or leads to the development of entirely new materials – to precisely match your application’s performance requirements. We don’t settle for good enough; we engineer solutions to ensure your success.

Stage Three: Manufacturing

As you transition from the lab to full-scale production, Chromis remains your unwavering partner. We guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless shift from initial trials and the lab and pilot scale stages to allocating our production capacity to meet your burgeoning commercial demands. Your success is our success, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Our clients span the spectrum, from groundbreaking startups harnessing university research to global giants seeking product differentiation and market expansion through superior materials. When our expertise in amorphous fluoropolymers merges with your insights into application requirements, the result is a solution that leaves no room for compromise.

Unlock the potential of collaboration, elevate your performance, and experience a future where success knows no bounds – all with Chromis by your side.