CyclAFlor® Services

Custom Amorphous Fluoropolymer Films

Chromis Custom Amorphous Fluoropolymer Films can help you redefine possibilities. By outsourcing to us, you reduce the capital and operating costs of developing and producing composite and free-standing films. Our expertise in amorphous fluoropolymer development and processing can produce films of varying thickness – from nanometers to microns – that are tailored to your needs. Properties can include:

  • Tunable Permeability and Selectivity: We can develop films made with custom formulations of our CyclAFlor materials to optimize their properties for even the most challenging mixed gas separations.
  • Mechanical Integrity: Depending on the substrates used, coating thickness, and CyclAFlor composition, our films can maintain their structural integrity even under extreme transmembrane pressure differentials.
  • Free of Defects: CyclAFlor films have a uniform thickness and are free of pinholes and other structural defects.
  • Durability: CyclAFlor films are highly resistant to plasticization.

We support companies in the semiconductor, electronics, gas separation, additive manufacturing, medical devices, analytical instruments, and other industrial and technology sectors.

Ready to explore possibilities? Give us a call, and together we’ll craft a custom solution that aligns perfectly with your unique needs.