CyclAFlor® Bespoke Polymer Performance Optimization Program

Until now, amorphous fluoropolymers were only available in a limited number of standard formulations from a select few manufacturers at high prices.  Typically, customers could justify the cost only if these materials solved two or more critical criteria – say, optically transparent and chemically resistant at high temperatures – and no alternative, less expensive solutions were available.  Even then, you were all but certain to be compromising the optimal performance requirements for your application.

The CyclAFlor Bespoke Polymer Performance Optimization Program is our solution to this problem.

With our cutting-edge cyclic fluoromonomer synthesis, polymerization, and post-polymerization processing methods, Chromis Technologies can do things like:

  • vary the types and proportions of comonomers in our formulations
  • customize functional groups
  • control molecular weight and polydispersity
  • increase or decrease viscosity and solubility
  • vary temperature performance
  • make the material more or less soluble in selected solvents

If you have a technical challenge that could be solved with an amorphous fluoropolymer, and one of our standard compositions won’t quite work for you, call us.  We can provide an optimization proposal based on the scope and scale of the modifications you’d like to investigate, and use our expertise and technology to engineer a custom solution.

At Chromis Technologies, we engineer fluoropolymers to do exactly what you want.