CyclAFlor™ Shield

CyclAFlor Shield is suitable for a broad array of demanding coating applications, such as:

  • optics
  • electronics
  • stereolithographic 3D printing
  • o-rings, gaskets and seals
  • mold releases
  • medical devices

Its unique properties include:

  • high transparency at wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared
  • resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, moisture and oils
  • high gas permeability
  • low surface energy
  • low refractive index
  • low dielectric constant

If you have a coating challenge that could be solved with an amorphous fluoropolymer, let’s talk.  Our standard formulations may work for you, or we can use our expertise and technology to engineer a specific solution.

At Chromis Technologies, we engineer fluoropolymers to do exactly what you want.