CyclAFlor® Applications

Empower Digital Microfluidics with CyclAFlor® Clear

CyclAFlor Clear is at the forefront of enabling digital microfluidics, thanks to its unique electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) properties. Electrowetting is a remarkable phenomenon that allows us to control or alter the contact angle between a liquid and a solid surface through the application of an electric field. As a coating on a conductive surface, CyclAFlor Clear offers an array of impressive electrowetting capabilities:

  • Hydrophobicity: In the absence of an electric field, CyclAFlor Clear exhibits exceptional hydrophobic characteristics, effectively repelling water and other polar liquids. The high (obtuse) contact angle causes these liquids to bead up, preventing them from flowing across Clear’s surface.
  • Hydrophilicity: The application of an electric field transforms CyclAFlor Clear, elevating its surface energy and changing the contact angle of liquids from obtuse to acute. This dynamic transition facilitates precise control over fluids in microscale systems, achieved by selectively toggling the electrical field on and off.
  • Dielectric Properties: CyclAFlor Clear boasts outstanding electrical insulating properties, featuring a high dielectric constant and low electrical conductivity. This allows the application of an electric field without it permeating the material and affecting the liquid on its surface.
  • Transparency: CyclAFlor Clear is transparent within the visible spectrum, allowing for effortless visual observation and optical measurements.
  • Chemical Stability: With its remarkable chemical stability, CyclAFlor Clear stands resilient against a wide range of chemicals. Even after exposure to various liquids, biological fluids, and reagents, it retains its exceptional properties.
  • Low Refractive Index: CyclAFlor Clear’s low refractive index minimizes optical distortions in electrowetting systems, ensuring precise and accurate results.

These extraordinary properties position CyclAFlor Clear as the ultimate material for electrowetting devices, including digital microfluidic platforms and liquid lenses, where the manipulation of contact angles and fluid movements is paramount. These microfluidic wonders, such as printed circuit boards coated with CyclAFlor Clear (often referred to as “lab on a chip” devices), operate by meticulously guiding minuscule volumes of fluids through intricate channels under precise computer control.

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