CyclAFlor® Services

Unlock Value with Amorphous Fluoropolymer Recycling

Recycling amorphous fluoropolymers and perfluorinated solvents isn’t just a sustainable choice; it’s also a smart economic decision. Drawing from our two decades of expertise in synthesizing and processing amorphous fluoropolymer solutions, our recycling and reclamation service offers an unparalleled opportunity to recover nearly 100% of valuable materials from discarded end products, all at a fraction of the cost of virgin materials. Our streamlined process is as follows:

  • Collection: Partner with us to develop customized recycling programs tailored to your specific needs. By diverting production waste and discarded end products from landfills or incinerators, you reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Preparation: Depending on the application, we may perform a preliminary step to remove debris and contaminants from the waste product, ensuring the highest-quality recycling of the polymer.
  • Reprocessing: Leveraging our proprietary methods, which can be adapted to accommodate our products or those of competitors, we restore your waste materials to a condition that matches or surpasses that of new materials.
  • Reuse: After undergoing our proprietary treatment process, we return the recycled material to you, ready for use in the creation of new, sustainable products.

Recycling waste amorphous fluoropolymers is a responsible and resource-conserving approach that aligns with environmental goals. Unlock the potential of amorphous fluoropolymer recycling with us and make a lasting commitment to sustainability.

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